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Planning Appraisals for Homeowners

When you set out on a planning project it can be difficult to know whether it is likely to end in success. No honest planning consultant can guarantee you success at a planning application ; however, at Get Planning and Architecture, we take proactive steps to minimise the risk your project being refused. This is why, at the first stage of our contact with you, we will conduct a Planning Appraisal.

The planning appraisal will tell us whether your proposal has a reasonable chance at success and will flag up any areas of the proposal which are likely to be problematic in an application. It will also allow us to advise you on different options for how to proceed.

For some projects, Planning appraisals can be conducted based on site photos and researching the context, whilst others may involve a site visit.

If, based on our appraisal, Get Planning and Architecture believes that your application is likely to be refused, we will always let you know. If possible, we will then work with you to modify your proposal until we believe it has a good chance of success. As Get Planning and Architecture works according to the strict Code of Conduct set by the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI), we will always approach your appraisal honestly and professionally.


Planning Appraisals for Developers

Get Planning and Architecture offers a Planning Appraisal service that is specifically tailored to the needs of developers. In our appraisal we:

- identify the development potential of a site and identify options for maximising this potential
- identify the relevant planning policies and constraints
- identify development proposals most likely to be looked upon favourably by the Local Planning Authority.

The appraisal is an important part of the service that we offer to developers, and is an area in which we stand out from our competitors. In the past we have been able to identify ways of increasing housing units that other agents have missed, for example, by identifying area sof a site which could contain an extra unit.
For more information on our planning appraisal service, please ring 020 8770 3962 or send us an email by clicking on the link above.


Pre-application talks

If you wish to get another view on the feasibility of your project, then the council offers 'pre-application talks'. During a pre-application talk the council will look at your initial plans and advise you on anything that you might do to make it more favourable, as well any areas that they see as problematic.

Get Planning and Architecture has considerable experience in liaising with local councils throughout London and preparing our clients with the detailed documentation necessary for pre-application talks. We will also be able to advise on whether we think a pre-application talk will be needed for your particular project. For information on our Planning appraisal and Pre-application talk services and for professional advice on your project, please ring 020 8770 3962 or send us an email using the link above.

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