Get Planning and Architecture - Concept Design

Concept Design

For development opportunities, especially for large or complex projects, a Concept Design stage can be very helpful prior to going into the planning process. In essence the work we do is to examine the critical architectural and spatial constraints and then to formulate a very preliminary design and layout for further discussion.

We use a high level of creative skill and experience to ensure that proposals meet both client and architectural requirements, yet remain within planning constraints of the site and its location. A typical scope of service for a concept design stage is:

  • agree your objectives
  • research and review the key constraints
  • prepare a concept layout plan at 1:200 scale
  • discuss the concept design with youdevelop the concept with further options if you require
  • suggest next steps and strategies for the planning process

The benefit of a Concept Design is to help you decide your strategies for the project, particularly for the planning processes which follow. The concept design is likely to form the basis for a pre-application planning dialogue with the local planners or a full planning application. Other outcomes from a Concept Design stage are that it enables you to consider the risks and costs for the project and we will also try to explore the optimal development opportunities for your site.

Get Planning and Architecture create concept designs for property developers both internationally and in the UK and as a result clients gain a very useful and cost effective insight into the potential for their sites. This forms the basis for more detailed future design and planning.