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Planning Support Statement

To achieve Council validity of a planning application to a Local Planning Authority, there is a need for submission of supporting written information for many types of application. Get Planning and Architecture offer a service where we provide architectural and planning-related statements to applicants and to architects or other agents making planning applications.

Our Planning Support Statements offer a robust and clearly presented case, explaining how relevant national, regional and local planning policies are addressed by your development. We endeavour to provide clarity and an appropriate level of detail in order that the Local Planning Authority can review your application in a favourable way. We identify critical aspects of both the physical and the planning context and aim to effectively present a case for approval of your application.

In addition, if appointed to provide a planning statement, we can also offer guidance about other specialist reports. Dependent on the planning issues raised by a proposed development, it is often necessary to obtain technical or engineering reports as evidence for the Council to consider. We do not provide the following services directly however, we do have significant experience of working with a network of proven specialists in these disciplines and can help you appoint skilled providers, when needed, in a cost-effective manner, including:

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  • Acoustics
  • Affordable Housing
  • Air Quality
  • Archaeology
  • Contamination
  • Daylighting
  • Ecology
  • Highways and Transportation
  • Marketing and Retail Use Assessments
  • Parking
  • Structural Engineering
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Trees

Our Planning Support Statements therefore aim to promote your application by means of clarity, legibility and attention to detail.

We also provide:

  • Pre-application Planning Support Statement
  • Design and Access Statement
  • Heritage Statement

Typical scope of service includes:

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  • Accept brief and review client requirements
  • Clear understanding and agreement of your brief
  • Planning Consultant to review the planning context and local, regional and national planning policy
  • Preparation of a robust Planning Support Statement that addresses and supports key aspects of the application
  • Submit statement to client for approval
  • Finalise statement