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Advertisement Appeal

Almost all outdoor advertisements are under planning control. These controls are the responsibility of the Local Planning Authority (LPA). The LPA decides whether a particular advertisement should be allowed. LPAs may also take action to remove advertisements which are lawfully displayed. Appeals may be made for a number of reasons, but most are made because the LPA have refused consent to display an advertisement or have issued a discontinuance notice. Appeals are made to the Planning Inspectorate.

Who can appeal and when?

Only the person, or business, who applied for consent to display an advertisement can appeal against the LPA’s decision. The appeal must be lodged within eight weeks of the applicant receiving the LPA’s decision notice, or within eight weeks of the end of the decision period if the LPA have not made a decision.

If an LPA issue a discontinuance notice, only those receiving a copy may appeal. The appeal papers must be lodged before the date the discontinuance notice comes into effect.