See what Clients are saying about Get Planning and Architecture

See what Clients are saying about Get Planning and Architecture

The service provided by Get-Planning was excellent. All the fine points of the application were addressed thoroughly with the result that no aspect was left unexamined resulting in a successful application. I thoroughly recommend Get-Planning and would use them again without doubt.

Ref: 10145

From the very first contact we had with GPA, it's all been very positive. We had done a loft conversion without realising we needed building regulations. Once we discovered what we needed, we were faced by one brick wall after another where no one wanted to get involved with someone else's mistake. That was never the case with GPA who were very supportive. After discussing what we needed, GPA got started with organising the appropriate people to do inspections, measurements, draw up plans etc and continued with the appropriate applications to be submitted through the council. They even re drew the plans as we had changed our mind with what we wanted! Throughout the process, myself and my husband were kept up to date with each step. Each person we've had contact with, have always been professional, friendly and easy to talk with and there have never been any problems with communication or the work done. For any future work we might do, we would go to GPA again with no hesitation and recommend them to anyone else.

Ref: 10187

My experience elsewhere has been the confrontational approach of 'throw in a planning application, get refused, appeal, get refused, cut back what's proposed, repeat the whole cycle again'. So, it has been a real pleasure to work with Get Planning who have provided me with an efficient, professional service. I am impressed by their ability to create proposals that the planners engage with positively, and their success in getting permission. Firmly recommended.

Ref: 7290

Great news and thank you very much for your help so far.Again thanks for your help with this matter, great job by you and the team.

Ref: 2716

We cannot even begin to express how grateful we are for the outstanding service provided by Get Planning, which ultimately led to them winning a very complicated appeal and enforcement case on our behalf. What can only be described as a stressful time, Get Planning Ltd went above and beyond to explain everything to us in laymen terms and to guide us through the process. They were extremely honest, thorough and professional and were able to demonstrate remarkable negotiation skills. They was never a phone call or email unanswered. We appreciate your honesty, thoroughness, professionalism and remarkable negotiation skills. You have given us peace of mind which is invaluable. Thank you.

Ref: 7686

I would like to thank you for the help you have given us in gaining planning permission. I found that the drawings and paperwork that you supplied were of a high professional standard and I appreciate your patience and understanding to putting our minds at ease on the many occasions during the process. It was a pleasure working with you. Please accept this as a letter of thanks and recommendation.

Three-storey extension to property

When we moved into a conservation area with plans to extend and add a balcony we suspected the planning process might not be straight forward. However with “Get Planning” acting for us the anticipated resistance was swiftly countered. With qualified town planners arguing on our behalf we were granted consent on both of our applications at the first attempt, less than twelve weeks after the initial survey. Thoroughly professional throughout, I have no hesitation in recommending “Get Planning and Architecture.

Ref: 8080

We would like to thank the architects and town planners at Get Planning and Architecture for their skilled handling of our application. We are very pleased that we can now go ahead with the development.

Ref: 7356

Thank you so much for your efforts, I shall write to you formally expressing our absolute delight in both the decision and of course your efficiency, dedication and expertise in dealing with this on our behalf.

Test Title

Got your plans and they are spot on! We’ve got very excited by what you’ve created for us and you’ve understood and interpreted our brief very well. So big thanks! Happy for you to proceed and to submit for planning approval and fingers crossed!

Ref: 6062

I wanted to say thank you to the whole team for your persistence and professionalism in getting this through, it certainly wouldn’t have ever happened had I attempted this alone.

Ref: 7827

We were absolutely delighted with the outcome of the appeal; so we can now get the full benefit of our sixth form wing and our community groups can now meet in the evenings and at weekends at the school.

Ref: 2848

Thank you for the fantastic news. We are very grateful for the sound and professional advice we have received from the team at get planning and architecture. Once again thank you so much, we know it’s a first step, but it’s a great present (tomorrow we celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary).

Ref: 3990

Many thanks for your most welcome email. We are absolutely delighted with the result. Now we can proceed with the work.I will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone for the excellent job you did for us. Of all the companies I contacted yours was the quickest, most professional and helpful and commercially competitive. Thank you so much for your help.

Ref: 4055

We would like to wholeheartedly thank you, Brian and Saman for the professional and diligent service we have received throughout the application process. We would have no hesitation in recommending Get Planning and Architecture to anyone looking for support with their planning application.

Ref: 9035

Yourself and your team has been highly professional and exceptionally knowledgeable, I have already recommended Get Planning to friends and I will not hesitate to recommend highly enough to anyone. The leisure building in the garden is still in my agenda and I will certainly get in touch to take this project further in the future, meanwhile I wish you all the very best with your successful thriving business.


Thank you for successfully appealing a planning refusal made by The London Borough of Richmond for a property within a Conservation Area requires specialist skills, knowledge and experience which is exactly the reason I chose Get Planning and they never let me down. Enormous thanks to the Get Planning team.

Ref: 8128

We are really pleased with the outcome of the project. We’ve really achieved more than what we had expected.

Ref: 3687

THANK YOU ALL so much for making this happen for us and with a great outcome. You made it very easy for me (us) and I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to others in a similar situation. Have a great weekend and thank you once again, I’m delighted and ‘on time’ as well!!!

Ref: 9252

Your team has been highly professional and exceptionally knowledgeable, I have already recommended Get Planning to friends and I will not hesitate to recommend highly enough to anyone. The leisure building in the garden is still in my agenda and I will certainly get in touch to take this project further in the future, meanwhile I wish you all the very best with your successful thriving business.

Ref: 7467

Having our planning application declined twice in the last 1.5 years, I was quite deflated, almost gave up... as I didn’t have much energy to carry on however I never felt that our plans was outside the perimeters of the regulations...

I decided to browse internet see if I could read a useful information or a direction which way I had to go... I came across the website of Get Planning and Architecture Ltd After spending about an hour reading what they do. it looked quite encouraging to see there that your company had been successful helping other people with similar planning issues... I decided to call you.

I spoke to you and Brian, you took generous amount of time on the phone speaking and explaining to me the procedures and the possibilities of a successful outcome. Brian was rather optimistic but the risk of failure was also there. I decided to proceed with the appeal. Within the time span promised, I got the proposed appeal documents prepared by Get Planning and Architecture Ltd for my approval, it was then rather reassuring to see that the documents were prepared with upmost proficiency basically there wasn’t any stone unturned... I then knew that we would almost certainly get through the appeal.

I have just broken the news to my wife, we are all delighted with the outcome... we thank you all there sincerely for your help and professionalism.

Ref: 8725

Wow that’s great news. Fabulous! A great job done. Thank you and your team for your professionalism in preparing the plans and making the application has painless as possible. I truly wouldn’t have been able to the application in a Conservation Area approved without your help. Once again thank you to the whole team for a tremendous job.

Ref: 9033

Whilst purchasing a 0.5 acre site including a large redundant building our development company was keen to find expert planners and architects. We approached Get Planning and Architecture as they are well-established, professional consultants offering a complete architecture and planning service. When any issues arose Get Planning and Architecture were quick to focus on a solution. Their development appraisal was well considered and they formulated viable and creative development options which formed the basis of an effective pre-application process with the council. The team at Get Planning and Architecture presented a high quality design, with planning support documents as well as assisting in the appointment of other key consultants. The application was approved by the planning committee and thanks to Get Planning and Architecture we are now in the process of constructing 12 flats and 4 houses. I would highly recommend Get Planning and Architecture to other developers.

Ref: 7738