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Applications to Discharge or Vary a Condition on a Planning Application

This application type is used to remove, vary or discharge a condition following the grant of planning permission.

Planning conditions are very often imposed by Councils in order that they can exercise control over the details of development, for example relating to landscaping and external materials. These conditions form a part of the planning approval and they often take the form of standard clauses rather than being written by each individual planning officer. The detailed intent behind planning conditions, (for example, relating to energy consumption or noise issues), varies greatly and some conditions are excessively stringent or unnecessary.

Conditions may be imposed on the grant of planning permission for regulating development or use of any land under the control of the applicant, requiring the carrying out of works on any such land, the removal of any buildings or works authorised by the permission, or the discontinuance of any use of land so authorised, at the end of a specified period, and the carrying out of any works required for the reinstatement of land at the end of that period.

Some conditions simply need to be complied with, (such as confirming a sample of the bricks), whilst others require an application to clarify the details, (such as methods of conserving energy.) In order to discharge conditions involving technical complexity, it can be necessary to appoint specialist consultants, (eg. Sustainable energy specialists). Where we are appointed to apply for several conditions, (nb 20 or so conditions are commonly attached to approvals for new dwellings), then we can review the optimum processes and consultants needed for you and suggest the sequencing of the applications into tranches to suit your needs in terms of both timing and cost.

Our application to discharge/vary a condition of an approval service includes:

  • Accept the brief and review client requirements
  • Review the existing approval and planning conditions
  • Assist with appointment with specialists if needed, eg. sustainable energy consultant
  • Prepare planning and architectural information for the application
  • Present the application package to the client for approval
  • Formally lodge an application for removal or variation of one or more planning condition