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Retrospective Planning Application

If you, or a previous owner, have made changes or additions to your property that require planning permission, but you do not have the appropriate written consent, then you are likely to need a retrospective planning application. Typically, this arises in situations where work carried out falls outside Permitted Development limits, but it also often needed where a house has been converted to flats.

It is worth noting that Council Planning Officers are wary in assessing such applications and will usually seek to strictly implement policy guidance, (for example relating to space standards).

The need for an application becomes especially important if the Local Planning Authority are threatening Enforcement action and they will often make a specific request for a Retrospective Application.

Please contact Get Planning and Architecture before making such an application because there may be other courses of action open to you. We are accustomed to liaising with Enforcement Departments and rest assured we will keep your interests as a priority in such liaison work. For example, we are very often able to extend deadlines for the submission of these applications and also often able to defer enforcement action. This is as a result of the sound and co-operative relationships that we have developed with Planning Enforcement Officers over many years.