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Design & Access Statement

A Design and Access Statement (DAS) is a statement, usually prepared by an architect or a planning consultant, that describes the design rationale of a proposed development and forms part of a planning application. The statement must set out the project in terms of amount, (of floor space and/or building volume), design, layout, scale, means of access and appearance. The statement should explain the principles and rationale of the architectural design. A DAS is required to accompany many types of planning applications to achieve Council validity. If your project involves a change of use, or affects a Heritage Asset or a Listed Building for example, a DAS will be needed.

In producing this document, we at Get Planning and Architecture keep in mind that it represents an opportunity to present your development in the best possible light and this is especially important if no Planning Support Statement has been commissioned.

Typical scope of services includes:

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  • Accept brief and review client requirements
  • Clear understanding of the site and the design and agreement of your brief
  • In accordance with CABE guidelines and Local Validity requirements: preparation of a draft robust Design and Access Statement that meets validity and presents positive features of the design.
  • Submit statement to client for approval
  • Finalise statement