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Outline Planning Application

An Outline Planning Application may help you to find out whether a proposal is likely to be approved by the Council. For certain types of new build development, this process can reduce short-term costs and avoid the delay resulting from a formal Pre-Application process. This type of planning application, in principle, requires fewer details to be submitted to the Council. In practice however, there are few situations in an urban context where an outline application is of benefit and most of them concern new build housing developments. This is because Councils generally require almost as much detail for an outline application as they would for a full Planning application. An outline application may perhaps be an alternative to a formal pre-application for some new housing developments.

Outline planning applications allow the submission of ‘in principle’ proposals, with some selected types of detail, (for example details of the appearance), being ‘Reserved Matters’, for submission at a later date via a ‘Reserved Matters’ application.

Get Planning and Architecture have considerable experience with Outline Planning and with ‘Reserved Matters’ applications and can advise on the suitability of an Outline Planning process for your project.