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Advertisement Consent

Many types of advertisements are permitted without an application by the Advertising Regulations 2007. There are limitations however, particularly in terms of the size of lettering but also of any illumination. A planning application is needed therefore if you seek to display an advertisement or sign which falls outside the limitations of the Regulations, (eg. many signs in a Conservation Areas). Types of advertising signs that often require permission include:

  • Fascia signs and projecting signs, eg for shops and restaurants
  • Pole signs and canopy signs
  • Wayfinding and directional signs
  • Large estate agents’ boards
  • Captive balloon advertising (not balloons in flight)
  • Flag advertisements
  • Traffic signs
  • Town and village name-signs

Our advertisement signage application service typically includes:

  • Accept brief and review client requirements
  • Conduct a survey of the site in order to prepare a valid application
  • Liaise with your specialist signage suppliers if required
  • Present relevant required information including architectural drawings in support of the application
  • Apply for planning consent