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Householder Appeal

For appeals relating to a refusal of planning consent for extension or alterations of a single dwelling house, i.e. a house for occupation by a single family, then your appeal will normally be dealt with under the Householder Appeals process. The process cannot be used in relation to a property that is a flat, or if it involves a Listed Building, and there are also some other exceptions.

The aim of the Householder Appeals process is to “fast track” comparatively straightforward appeal cases. This shortened appeal compares to a more complex and lengthy process for non-householder appeals, which we refer to as a ‘full’ planning appeal. ‘Full’ appeals are needed for commercial premises, new-build developments, conversions to flats, property in Conservation Areas and for appeals of Lawful Development Certificates.

It is a written process, and there is no opportunity to present your case verbally.

The process

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Get Planning and Architecture can prepare and lodge an appeal and optimize the chance of success for you. This would include a statement comprising your Grounds of Appeal that will contest the Council’s refusal and set out why planning permission should be granted. The appeal has to be submitted within 12 weeks of the date of the planning decision and once submitted there is not the opportunity for any further correspondence. You must therefore please ensure that we have all relevant information at the outset.

The Planning Inspector will consider all the submitted information against information provided by the Council. He or she will undertake a site visit and, on the basis of the evidence provided, will make a decision to either allow or dismiss your appeal. On rare occasions, a split decision can be issued. The Inspector’s decision is issued in the form of a 2 or 3 page notice which gives the rationale of the appeal decision.

How can Get Planning and Architecture help you?

Householder Appeals (written representations)

Our service typically includes:

  • Accept brief and review client comments
  • Review the refused application decision notice and officers report
  • Visit site to review the planning context
  • Prepare written representations appeal including a written statement
  • Refer to client with a draft for comment and approval
  • Lodge appeal with the Planning Inspectorate
  • Monitor appeal and report progress to client