Tandridge Planning & Conservation Areas

Conservation areas are sites of historical or architectural importance. Building and redevelopment can be a more complex process due to more planning regulations and constraints applying within such areas. However our highly trained staff have the expertise to address more challenging planning and design issues. We achieve the aims of our clients both on an aesthetic and functional level whilst adhering to regulations set out by the local planning authority.

Sutton conservation areas:

Bletchingley, Kenley Aerodrome, Brewer Street & Place Farm, Bletchingley, Limpsfield, Broadham Green and Spring Lane Oxted, Lingfield, Burstow, Oxted, Caterham Barracks, Outwood, Chaldon, Pendell, Fickleshole, South Park, Godstone – Church Town, Station Road West, Oxted, Godstone – The Green, Woldingham Green, Great Farleigh Green

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Planning in Tandridge

Results from the last Census in 2011 show the population is estimated to be approximately 82,998 in comparison to 79,267 from the 2001 Census. With regard to the total number of households there are around 33,342 compared to 31,640 in the 2001 Census, an increase of 1,702 households. With the current shortfall in housing Get Planning and Architecture has architects and planners who are experts in both new build and and extensions.

Tandridge Planning Applications & Appeals

There are in the region of 40 planning applications and, whilst it varies, about 4 appeals per week in Tandridge. Appeals are made when planning permission has been refused by your Local Planning Authority. Get Planning and Architecture team will expertly guide you through both the planning application and, should you need it, the appeals process too.

Tandridge News

Get Planning and Architecture team stay up to date with building and development news in the UK. This is so that our planners and architects have an understanding of the needs of both the location and those that reside there.

December 2014:  Planning permission was granted by Tandridge Borough Council for a £7m redevelopment of 20 properties in Caterham on the Hill. The houses, situated in Nineham Gardens, were built in 1946 and are in need of repair and rejuvenation.

August 2014: A planning application was prepared for a large solar farm in the Dormansland Parish of Tandridge. The proposed solar farm would have 40,000 panels and would be a much-needed source of renewable energy. However, the plans were not without their controversy. Many feared that the development ‘set the precedent’ for construction on the Green Belt, and that it was a waste of agricultural land.

Tandridge Contact Information

Tandridge – Local Planning Authority

Tandridge District Council
Station Road East
Surrey RH8 0BT

For more information, visit www.tandridge.gov.uk

A Unique Service

We recognise that no two projects are the same. Our thoughtful, genuinely tailored approach means that we design our service to give each project what it needs to be guided through the planning and architectural process. This gives you the best chance of achieving your design and planning goals in a cost-effective way.