Southwark Planning & Conservation Areas

Conservation areas are sites of historical or architectural importance. Building and redevelopment can be a more complex process due to more planning regulations and constraints applying within such areas. However our highly trained staff have the expertise to address more challenging planning and design issues. We achieve the aims of our clients both on an aesthetic and functional level whilst adhering to regulations set out by the local planning authority.

Southwark conservation areas:

Addington Square SE5, Old Barge House Alley SE1, Bankside and Bear Gardens SE1, Pages Walk SE1, Bermondsey Street SE1, Peckham Hill Street, Borough High Street SE1, Pullens Estate SE17, Camberwell Green SE5, Rye Lane Peckham, Camberwell Grove SE5, Sceaux Gardens SE5, Camberwell New Road SE5, St George’s Circus SE1, Caroline Gardens SE15, St Mary’s Rotherhithe SE16, Coburg Road SE15, St Saviour’s Dock SE1, Dulwich Village SE21, Stradella Road SE24, Dulwich Wood SE21, Sunray Estate, Edward III’s Rotherhithe, Sutherland Square SE17, Elliot’s Row, The Gardens SE22, Glengall Road SE15, Thorburn Square SE1, Grosvenor Park SE5, Thrale Street SE1, Holly Grove SE15, Tooley Street North and South SE1, Honor Oak Rise SE23, Tower Bridge SE1, Kennington Park Road SE11, Trafalgar Avenue SE15, King’s Bench, Trinity Church Square SE1, Larcom Street, Union Street SE1, Liverpool Grove SE17, Valentine Place, Nunhead Cemetery SE15, West Square SE, Nunhead Green SE15, Wilson Grove SE16

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Planning in Southwark

The London Borough of Southwark is a built up area currently undergoing a great deal of redevelopment. In fact it is estimated that around 40 per cent of the area is currently under construction. In recent years the famous Elephant and Castle area has undergone major transformation with more planned over the next few years including a 25 per cent minimum of affordable housing. Plans have been drawn up and talks are in progress for the regeneration of the Elephant and Castle shopping centre, along with improved leisure facilities. The ambitious and iconic The Shard in SE1 is located in this Borough.

Southwark Planning Applications & Appeals

There are approximately 65 planning applications submitted each week to the planning authority in Southwark, and about 4 appeals made each week.

Whilst planning permission can be refused for a number of reasons, Get Planning and Architecture is well aware of the complexities that exist in developments located in conservation areas in Southwark. We liaise closely with both our clients and local planning authorities in order to assure customer’s needs are met whilst planning regulations are followed. We have also had high level of success at both at working on sites with challenging planning and design constraints and at winning appeals where planning permission was initially refused by the local planning authority.

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Southwark Contact Information

Southwark – Local Planning Authority

London Borough of Southwark
PO BOX 64529
London SE1P 5LX

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A Unique Service

We recognise that no two projects are the same. Our thoughtful, genuinely tailored approach means that we design our service to give each project what it needs to be guided through the planning and architectural process. This gives you the best chance of achieving your design and planning goals in a cost-effective way.