Lewisham Planning & Conservation Areas

Conservation areas are sites of historical or architectural importance. Building and redevelopment can be a more complex process due to more planning regulations and constraints applying within such areas. However our highly trained staff have the expertise to address more challenging planning and design issues. We achieve the aims of our clients both on an aesthetic and functional level whilst adhering to regulations set out by the local planning authority.

Lewisham conservation areas:

Beckenham Place Park, Ladywell, Belmont, Lee Manor, Blackheath, Mercia Grove, Brockley, Perry Fields, Brookmill Road, St. John’s, Cobbs Corner, St. Mary’s, Culverley, St. Stephen’s, Deptford Creekside, Somerset Gardens, Deptford High Street / St Paul’s, Stanstead Grove, Deptford Town Hall, Sydenham Hill / Kirkdale, Forest Hill, Sydenham Park, Halifax Street,Sydenham Thorpes, Hatcham, Telegraph Hill, Jews Walk

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Planning in Lewisham

Lewisham is a Borough that has a focus upon its architecture and Get Planning and Architecture understand this. In fact the Council has an Urban Design team to promote a variety of design and developments in order to both enhance and complement the particular characteristics of each area. Due to this, Ladywell Park was the winner of the Best New Public Space in the tenth London Planning awards 2012/13 after it underwent a major redevelopment.

The main areas are: Bell Green, Bellingham, Blackheath, Brockley, Catford, Deptford, Downham, Forest Hill, Grove Park, Hither Green, Honor Oak, Honor Oak Park, Ladywell, Lee, Lewisham, Lower Sydenham, New Cross, New Cross Gate, St Johns, Southend, Sydenham, Upper Sydenham.

Lewisham Planning Applications & Appeals

The average number of planning applications submitted each week in Lewisham is around 40, out of those there are approximately 3 appeals where planning proposals are refused. In conservation areas, listed buildings and heritage statement projects, planning and development can be more complex. If a planning application is rejected by the Local Planning Authority we liaise with both our client and the local planning authority to make an appeal. We have had a great deal of success at winning such appeals.

Lewisham News

The ‘Deptford Project’ is an exciting regeneration project currently underway in Deptford, Lewisham. The development will include the renovation of the historic Victorian carriage ramp and the creation a publiz piazza and market space. An 8 storey building on the site will offer 121 new appartments and 7 commercial units, whilst the refurbishment of St Paul’s House, a former church refectory, will provide affordable appartments, town houses and two restaurants. The project was given planning permission in 2012, and construction began in 2014. The completed project will provide a large boost to the local economy, vibrant community areas, leisure facilities, and much needed housing.

In other news, in spring 2014 construction started on Lewisham Gateway. The Lewisham Gateway project aims to create a more accessible and better-connected town centre with landscaped open spaces, a wider range of shops and amenities, and new homes and jobs. The project will be delivered in phases over a 6-year period.

Lewisham Contact Information

Lewisham – Local Planning Authority

London Borough of Lewisham
Laurence House
1 Catford Road SE6 4RU

For more information, visit www.lewisham.gov.uk

A Unique Service

We recognise that no two projects are the same. Our thoughtful, genuinely tailored approach means that we design our service to give each project what it needs to be guided through the planning and architectural process. This gives you the best chance of achieving your design and planning goals in a cost-effective way.