Islington Planning & Conservation Areas

Conservation areas are sites of historical or architectural importance. Building and redevelopment can be a more complex process due to more planning regulations and constraints applying within such areas. However our highly trained staff have the expertise to address more challenging planning and design issues. We achieve the aims of our clients both on an aesthetic and functional level whilst adhering to regulations set out by the local planning authority.

Islongton conservation areas:

Aberdeen Park, Kingsbury Road, Arlington Square, Mercers Road/Tavistock Terrace, Barnsbury, Moorfields, Bunhill Fields/Finsbury Square, New River, Calabria Road, Newington Green, Canonbury, Northampton Square, Chapel Market/Penton Street, Priory Green, Charterhouse Square, Regent’s Canal West, Chiswell Street, Rosebery Avenue, Clerkenwell Green, Stroud Green, Cross Street, Sotheby Road, Duncan Terrace/Colebrooke Row, St John’s Grove, East Canonbury, St. Luke’s, Hat and Feathers, St. Mary Magdalene, Highbury Fields, The Angel, Highbury New Park, Tollington Park, Highgate Hill/Hornsey Lane, Tufnell Park, Hillmarton, Upper Street North, Keystone Crescent, Whistler Street, King’s Cross, Whitehall Park

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Planning in Islington

The population of Islington stands at around 206,100 and the number of households is 93,600. Total household numbers have increased by over 13 per cent in the last ten years.

Main areas include: Barnsbury, Bunhill, Caledonian, Canonbury, Clerkenwell, Finsbury Park, Highbury East, Highbury West, Hillrise, Holloway, Junction, Mildmay, St George’s, St Peter’s and Tollington.

Islington Planning Applications & Appeals

In Islington, approximately 90 planning applications and about 5 appeals are submitted to the local planning authority each week. Planning applications can be for a wide variety of developments from small to large in residential, retail and commercial sectors.

The team at Get Planning and Architecture has over 30 years of experience and we can offer our expertise and competitive pricing in the following areas: new build, flat conversion, site appraisal, appeals, change of use, design and access, property development, commercial extensions, heritage statement, building regulations, CAD presentation and permitted development.

Get Planning and Architecture also has chartered planners who are members of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) and chartered architects who are members of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and are experienced in planning and designing for complex and challenging new build and conversion ventures. With the current shortage of housing combined with a 13 per cent rise in total households in Islington over the last ten years, there is a need to create more homes. Our team is an excellent choice if your aim is a new build or conversion of existing properties.

Islington News

In October 2014, planning permission was given for a large and controversial project involving the construction of 681 homes at Royal Mail’s Mount Pleasant site, which sits on the border of Islington and Camden boroughs. 163 homes of the homes in the large development have been designated as ‘affordable’ housing. Both Islington and Camden Councils have recommended rejecting the plan, arguing that the amount of affordable housing it provides is insufficient.  It remains to be seen what will become of these recommendations.

In other news, construction is now well underway for a huge development at Finsbury Park consisting of 355 flats (20 per cent of which will be deemed affordable housing), shops, offices and leisure and arts facilities. The project was granted planning permission in 2010. The 9,000 square metre area located at Finsbury Park will also feature two towers each 105 metres in height, taller than the London Stock Exchange. Work on these towers started in 2013 and the expected completion date for the whole project is 2019. It is hoped that the project will reinvigorate and regenerate the area, giving it an economic boost, increasing the number of retail, leisure and arts spaces and providing much needed housing.

Islington Contact Information

Islington – Local Planning Authority

London Borough of Islington
Customer Centre
222 Upper Street
London N1 1XR

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A Unique Service

We recognise that no two projects are the same. Our thoughtful, genuinely tailored approach means that we design our service to give each project what it needs to be guided through the planning and architectural process. This gives you the best chance of achieving your design and planning goals in a cost-effective way.